About our Soaps

Soap comes from a chemical reaction between various oils and fats and caustic soda (lye or NaOH), called saponification.

We only use "first class" ingredients in our soaps from certified wholesalers. We buy the ingredients in Easter Island, Germany, Chile, Australia and USA. That is also why our products are a little bit more costly. But the money is very well invested in not only cleansing but also nourishing our skin.

Depending on the type of soap we want to make, our soaps will contain a mixture of ingredients drawn from the following list: purified water, olive, coconut and palm oils, other fixed oils such as avocado, jojoba or sweet almond, nutrients such as shea butter, beeswax and cocoa butter, essential oils for their glorious scents and a range of pigments for colour. Often we add other ingredients, such as powdered flowers, herbs or leaves, oatmeal and honey. Our goal is to use as many local ingredients as possible from the island, but as the resources are limited, we bring most ingredients from outside. What we use from the island are algas, seawater, fresh home-grown herbs and plants suitable for saponification.

Each soap is hand-made in cold process from scratch. As we work with natural products no two soaps will look alike.

Our bath and body products do not contain artificial substances, preservatives or animal fat and neither are they tested on animals.All products are made in our little laboratory in a peaceful surrounding in the only village of Easter Island called Hanga Roa.

Each soap is like a piece of art, processed with care and a lot of love!

Yes, we are certified!

We're proud that our handmade soaps comply with all legislation governing the manufacture of cosmetics in Chile. Our registration number at the "Instituto de Salud Pública de Chile" (public health institute of Chile) is 909/07. Our labels use the appropriate latin-style INCI naming standards.