As the name already suggests, these soaps are not only for the hands but are also suitable for the shower and bath tub.

These pure vegetable oil soaps are handcrafted in the so called cold process with well-proven formulas which mix harmonously high-grade oils and active vegetal energy from blossoms, herbs, leaves, roots, barks, kernels and seeds from Easter Island.

All soaps in bars are cut by hand. Therefore you cannot avoid smaller variations in weight. For each piece of soap we inidicate the minimum weight.

Foot Bath Soap with Loofah

It is the only foot bath soap in our range, but of course can also be used for other body areas. The addition of pure essential tea tree oil has an antifungal effect. Furthermore, this soap contains essential peppermint oil and cedar oil, which give the feet a fresh aroma. The addition of loofah sponge is responsible for the exfoliation. As this soap wouldn't be complete without a local ingredient, we have added fresh seaweed from the coast of Easter Island, which makes the skin of your feet so soft.
Price: 7.00 USD

Guava Soap with Buttermilk "Tuava"

Many visitors at our shop ask for products that are made from guava, as this fruit is very popular here and grown extensively on the island. Because of that the guava butter milk soap "Tuava” was created. “A soap without equal."
Price: 7.00 USD

Honey Soap with Beeswax "Ariki"

A very mild soap which thanks to the addition of honey retains its scent exceptionally well. The refreshing aroma of this soap comes from the essential oils citronella, lemongrass and peppermint. Precious cocoa butter, combined with first-class Chilean olive and walnut oils, provides the skin with important nutrients and care substance, resulting in important moisturizing after hand washing.
Price: 7.00 USD

Lavender Soap

Of course the classic lavender soap is not missing from our range. Made with a mix of oils including olive, coconut, rape and sunflower, the addition of essential lavender oil from France plus finely powdered lavender flowers makes this a mild soap with good foam.
Price: 7.00 USD

Marigold Milk Soap "Tiare"

A fantastic blend of oils - coconut, palm, palm seed, olive and sunflower - with a splash of milk to create a creamy and smooth soap. Perfumed with geranium and patchouli essential oils and decorated with the fresh petals of the first calendula (marigold) that bloomed on the island this spring.
Price: 8.00 USD

Matua Pua Soap

Price: 10.00 USD

Mosaic Soap "Tuki Tuki"

For more color in your bathroom: a confetti soap. It does not only look attractive, it also has a charming smell from the mixture of the following essential oils: lemon, lavender, peppermint, spruce needles, sage and cinnamon leaves.
Price: 8.00 USD

Seaweed Soap "Vai Kava"

A beautiful soap! The colours are purple, cream and green, with seaweed extract from the sea that surrounds this little island. The scent is a wonderfully fresh mixture of: rosemary, lavender, orange, may chang, lemon grass, spearmint, clove and cedar wood essential oils which combine to evoke a Mediterranean atmosphere in your bathroom.
Price: 8.00 USD

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Please return again soon. We add continously new soaps and other products to our shop.