We would like to share some beautiful pictures with you, which we recently took in Moorea. Caroline, our attractive model, is French and lives in Tahiti. She, her sisters Clémence & Camile, and her friend Dylan were happy to pose for us with the Anakena Cosmetics. 

There is no better way to show you the beauty of Polynesia. 


Emporio Amelia
Emporio Vitacura

Here are a few pictures of our points of sale in Santiago de Chile.


Here you can see some pictures of Anakena® - Natural Cosmetics points of sale in Hanga Roa, Easter Island. 
Please click on the link to see the complete list of our sales points on Easter Island:

Vairua Polinesia ®
Gift Shop Mana'u
Souvenir Shop Kona Nei
Vai a Heva (Shop)
Souvenir-Shop Riro Ra'a
Tienda Ngaoho Souvenir
La Tiendita (Shop)
Pae Pae o Gallo (Shop)