About us

"I am of German decent (from Munich, Bavaria), love to travel and am now very happy to be living in Easter Island, Chile, since 2001. I most especially love the island’s people and culture, its natural environment, and the fact that we are surrounded by thousands of miles of vast ocean.

After having owned and managed a local restaurant named “Cafe Ra’a” on the island for four years, I embarked on a new journey making artisanal soaps using natural ingredients, endemic to the island, many of which I cultivate in my own garden. This makes my soaps higher in quality and gives them a special touch.

I owned the first natural foods store on the island, called “Rapa Nui Natural Products.” For six years I offered my clientele a unique inventory of our own soaps, bath salts, as well as homemade marmalades, chocolates, and herb salts. The store also stocked items that were imported from the Chilean continent, such as gluten-free products, gourmet foods and other products that promote well-being.

In 2014 I created the brand “Anakena- Natural Cosmetics,” as a project aimed at becoming renowned for beholding the wonders of this tiny Polynesian paradise. Anakena cosmetics are sold on our online shop and in various stores on the island and throughout the Chilean continent.

In a world of constant change, I find comfort in knowing that some values are maintained, and should remain untouched, in humanity. Respect, honesty and responsibility are the links to creating solid long-term relationships with our clients and colleagues. Now that e-commerce allows us to reach many people who would not otherwise be fortunate enough to get to know us personally, these values are of particular importance.

Meeting your expectations is of the utmost importance to me as the owner and creator of this unique cosmetics line."

“My name is Milagros Portocarrero. I am a lawyer by profession, also with many years' experience in sales. Petra and I first met on Easter Island, as I also discovered her Anakena cosmetics, of which I am now a huge fan and use them daily. From the beginning, we've been very good friends, and although we live in different parts of the world, we always work together on tasks such as writing broschures and business documents. We continously try to develop new ideas for promoting Petra's products. I am convinced that the Anakena cosmetics are of such excellent quality, that they should be available for everybody to use, which is why I provide my unconditional support."


“My name is Isaura Tobar and come from Santiago. I have known Petra many years, actually since she first came to Chile and since then we have become good friends. Over the years, I have helped her with several projects and provide support whenever she requires things from Santiago. My home is her home, as is my heart. It also pleases me that Petra's products help promote Easter Island to Chile and the rest of the world."

“Iorana korua! My name is Gustavo Bórquez Paoa. I am a local artist from Rapa Nui and among many other things, I design the stage scenery for the largest cultural festival on the island, the Tapati Festival. I also work as a flight attendent with LATAM Airlines on the route between Easter Island and Tahiti. I first met Petra several years ago through a mutual friend and since then she has been asking me to transform her ideas into pictures. One of my motifs is the South Pacific lady that has become the main identifying symbol for the Anakena cosmetics. I am certain that there are yet many new designs to be made for her products.“