Our products are suitable for all kinds of people: men, women, children, young and old.

All over the world life becomes everytime more stressful, even so on the small island Rapa Nui you can already feel something of it. Therefore it is the goal of this company to offer, through its products, care and refreshment for the body and the whole well-being. Our philosophy is to try to make life more beautiful and not to lie and pretent to sell beauty through simply a product.

Give yourself once in a while a moment for yourself, a moment of tranquillity and introspection.

We make natural products that reflect our personal philosophy of life. Nature and naturalness have been favorable until today to all beings on this planet. The products are thought to be a normal part of life, like for example eating. So we do not think much of "anti aging" products because old age is part of life like youth and all other stages of the life circle. All these should and must be lived to the full, so that at the end you can look back at a fullfilled live.

We should not stand so much in front of a mirror and style ourselves, but make use of the valuable time to cultivate our "inner beauty".

Of course it is important to take care of our outer cover, but equally important or even more important is caring for our interior. You have to accept yourself how you are. Only when you are happy with yourself, you can get along with your surroundings and accept your fellow men how they are.

We should not be carried away by formality, let us look more "inside" again - we should try to look with our "third eye". Let us be aware that in our accelerated time we are exposed to so many stimulus. Therefore, sometimes it is very important to"breath deeply" to find again the true sense of life. In the end life is learning and growing. At the end of life our spirit and our soul should have matured.

Having lived life to the full, is the best heritage we can give to our children.